Building Our Salvation
For Parashat Noach
By Messianic Torah 10-29-2011

This week’s Parashat is in the book of B’reisheet also called Genesis, and is called Noach which means ‘rest’. In this week’s parashat:

– Noach was just and perfect in his generations
– The Earth was filled with violence so Elohim said He would destroy all flesh
– Noach commanded to build an ark and given the dimensions
– Promise made to Noach to save him and establish His covenant with him
– Command to bring the animals and food for them into the ark
– Noach saved because he is righteous
– Noach commanded to bring 7 pairs of male and female clean animals and 2 pairs of the unclean
– Noach told when the flood would come and how long it would last
– Once Noach enters the ark the floods and rain start
– Waters covered the Earth and lifted up the ark
– All flesh died that was upon the Earth
– On the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark rested on Mount Ararat
– The waters continued to decrease until the tenth month on the 1st day of the month
– At the end of forty days Noach opened the window and sent a raven out until the waters dried up
– He also sent a dove to see if the waters were abated but the dove found no rest for her foot
– Noach stayed another seven days and then sent out the dove again
– The dove returned with a olive leaf in her mouth and Noach stayed another 7 days
– Noach sent the dove again and it did not return
– Noach removed the cover of the ark on the 1st day of the 1st month on the six hundred and first year
– On the 2nd month in the 27th day the earth was dried
– Elohim commands Noach to go out of the ark and let the animals multiply
– Noach built an altar and took of the clean animals and sacrificed to YHWH
– YHWH promises not to smite the Earth for the wickedness of man or to destroy every living thing as he did
– Elohim blesses Noach and tells him to multiply
– Noach is told he shall rule over all living thing and they shall be for food
– Command not to eat blood
– Elohim sets a rainbow as a sign He will not destroy the Earth or all flesh again with water
– Noach’s sons Shem, Cham, Yafet replenish the Earth
– Noach becomes a farmer and plants a vineyard
– Noach was drunk in his tent and was naked and Cham looked on his fathers nakedness
– Shem and Yafet went in backwards and covered their father up
– When Noach woke up he cursed Kena’an and blessed Shem and Yafet
– Noach lived 950 years old
– These are the generations of Yafet Noach’s son
– These are the generations of Cham Noach’s son
– These are the generations of Shem Noach’s son
– All the people spoke one language and decide to build a tower to heaven
– YHWH saw them building the tower and mixed up their languages and they were scattered
– Generations of Shem given again
– Avram takes a wife, Sarai but she can’t have children
– Haftarah – Promise to restore His people after they are punished