Choosing Humility
For Parashat Bo
By Messianic Torah 1-19-2013

Bo (Ex 10:1-13:16 Haftarah Jer 46:1-13:28) is the 3rd parashat in the book of Shemot also called Exodus, and is called Bo which means ‘Go’. In this week’s parashat:

– Moshe and Aharon told Par’oh if he wouldn’t humble himself they would bring a plague of locusts
– Par’oh told Moshe and Aharon that Yisra’el could go but only the men
– Moshe stretched out his rod and brought forth locusts
– Par’oh pleaded with Moshe and Aharon to take away the locusts and he would let them go but he didn’t
– Moshe stretched out his hand and brought darkness
– Par’oh tells Moshe Yisra’el may go but they must leave their flocks and herds but Moshe said no
– Par’oh tells Moshe to leave because if he sees him again he will kill him
– YHWH says he will bring one more plague then Par’oh will let them go and to ask of jewels from the Mitzrayim
– Moshe tells Par’oh YHWH will smite the firstborn of Mitzrayim and Par’oh’s servants will come to him saying get out
– YHWH tells Moshe on the tenth of the month every man shall take a lamb for their house
– Your lamb you select shall be without blemish
– You shall kill it at evening on the 14th and strike the blood on the 2 side posts and top of your door
– You shall eat it roast by fire and anything that remains until morning you shall burn with fire
– You shall eat it with your loins girded, shoes on your feet, and staff in your hand it is a memorial forever
– For 7 days you shall not have or eat any leaven the 1st and 7th day are holy rehearsals
– Moshe said kill the passover and take Hyssop and dip it in the blood and strike it to your 2 side posts and the top of your door
– When your children ask you shall tell them we keep this service because YHWH passed over us and brought us out of Mitzrayim
– At midnight YHWH smote the firstborn of Mitzrayim and there was a great cry in Mitzrayim
– Par’oh sent a message to Moshe and Aharon saying get out and take all that is yours and they spoiled the Mitzrayim also
– After 430 years in Mitzrayim Yisra’el went out from Ra’meses to Sukkot
– YHWH commanded that no stranger shall eat the passover but that all servants or sojourners that will eat must be circumcised
– YHWH said sanctify to me all the firstborn of man and beast and remember the passover
– You shall show your sons the sign on your hand and tell them how YHWH brought us out of Mitzrayim by a strong hand
– Haftarah – YHWH will punish Mitzrayim but will save Yisra’el though they also shall have punishment