Discerning Between Truth and Lies
For Parashat Shoftim
By Messianic Torah 8-25-2012

Shoftim (Deu 16:18-21:9 Haftarah Is 51:12-52:12) is the 5th parashat in the book of Devarim also called Deuteronomy, and is called Shoftim which means ‘Judges’. In this week’s parashat:

– There shall be just judges in all your gates
– You shall not plant any groves by an altar of YHWH or set up an idol
– You shall not sacrifice anything that is blemished to YHWH
– You shall stone anyone who serves other elohim after making diligent search to see if it’s true
– All matters shall be established by two or three witnesses
– Levi, Priests, and Judges shall decide the sentence for hard matters
– When you come into the land you shall set a King over you from your brethren whom YHWH will choose
– King must write a copy of the whole Torah and read from it every day
– The Levi’im shall have no part with Yisra’el, YHWH is their inheritence
– If a Levi desires to come and serve YHWH he shall be allowed to take part
– You shall not take on any of the ways of the nations before you
– A prophet like Moshe is promised to stand between YHWH and the people
– You shall put to death a false prophet
– You shall make cities of refuge for people who accidentally kill someone
– If a man kills someone but not by accident and flees to a city of refuge the judges shall deliver him to the avenger of blood
– You shall not move your neighbor’s landmarks
– False witnesses to receive the punishment of the accused
– Priests to speak to men before going to war
– 4 reasons men should not go out to war
– Before making war on a city first offer peace, if they refuse kill all males
– When taking a city of your inheritance from God kill all breathing creatures
– When making a long war you shall not destroy the fruit trees because you can eat from them
– Laws for finding a dead person in a field
– Haftarah – Do not fear your oppressor because YHWH will take His fury off you and put it on them