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For Parashat Nasso
By Messianic Torah 5-18-2013

Nasso (Num 4:21-7:89 Haftarah Judges 13:2-25) is the 2nd parashat in the book of Bamidbar also called Numbers, and is called Nasso which means ‘Make an Accounting’. In this week’s parashat:

– Elohim Commands Moshe to count all of the sons of Gershom, Merari, Kehati, and Levi who are able to serve in the tabernacle
– Gershom is put in charge of the tabernacle coverings
– Merari is put in charge of the boards and the framework of the tabernacle
– All the people with leprosy, issues, and those defiled by the dead are sent outside the camp
– The law of trespasses is given
– The laws of Jealousy are given
– The law of the Natzari vow is given
– The Aharonic blessing is given
– The Altar is dedicated by the 12 princes over 12 days
– Haftarah – talks about the promise of Shimson