It’s Not About Moshe
For Parashat Va’etchanan
By Messianic Torah 8-4-2012

Va’etchanan (Deu 3:23-7:11 Haftarah Is 40:1-26) is the 2nd parashat in the book of Devarim also called Deuteronomy, and is called Va’etchanan which means ‘And I Besought’. In this week’s parashat:

– Moshe asked to go over and see the good land but YHWH was angry with him
– YHWH told Moshe to see the land but Yahushua will take them into the land
– Yisra’el is to live out the words of YHWH not adding or taking away from them that they may live
– The nations will say how great is Yisra’el who has Elohim so near to them and such a great Torah
– Keep the Torah and teach it to your children and your children’s children
– When YHWH gave you the Torah you saw no image so you would not make any images to worship
– Moshe tells the people YHWH was angry at him for their sakes and wouldn’t let him enter the promised land
– Don’t forget His covenant and make any graven image or let your children make any images
– Moshe says Yisra’el will perish off the land and be scattered for idolatry
– If scattered Yisra’el seeks Him with their whole heart He will be merciful
– Elohim had chosen Yisra’el and delivered them out of Mitzrayim to keep His commandments
– Moshe set apart the three cities of refuge on this side of Yarden
– Moshe sets before Yisra’el the Torah on this side of Yarden in the land of giants
– Moshe stood between YHWH and the people when YHWH made the covenant with them at Chorev
– YHWH gives Yisra’el the first five commandments
– YHWH gives Yisra’el the second five commandments
– YHWH wrote the ten commandments on two tables of stone
– When the people heard the voice of YHWH they asked Moshe to talk with Him and they would listen to Moshe
– Moshe is told the Torah to teach Yisra’el that they may do them and live
– The Shema is given
– The command to teach the commandments to your children and speak of them during the day
– You shall bind the commandments on your hand for a sign
– You shall post the commandments on the posts of your house and the gates of your city
– Don’t forget YHWH after he has blessed you
– You shall not go after other elohim but diligently keep the commandments
– When your children ask you about the commandments you shall tell them about the plan of Elohim
– Yisra’el shall utterly destroy the nations cast out before them and destroy their idolatry
– YHWH has chosen Yisra’el to be His holy people and He will have mercy on those who keep His commandments
– Haftarah – Don’t compare YHWH to His creation because He is greater than all