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For Parasha Emor
By Messianic Torah 5-7-2013

Emor (Lev 21:1-24:23 Haftarah Eze 44:15-31) is the 8th parashat in the book of Vayikra also called Leviticus, and is called Emor which means ‘Say’. In this week’s parashat:

– The sons of Aharon shall not be defiled by the dead except their near kin and their sister if she is a virgin
– The sons of Aharon shall not shave their heads bald, or the edges of their beard, nor make cuts in their flesh
– The sons of Aharon shall not marry a whore, or a divorced woman
– If a priests daughter plays the whore, she shall be burnt with fire
– The high priest shall not uncover his head , nor rend his clothes, dor be defiled for the dead even for his father and mother
– The high priest shall take a virgin for a wife and not a widow, harlot, or divorced woman
– Laws of Aharon’s sons serving YHWH if they have a blemish
– Laws of Aharon’s sons touching holy things
– The laws of eating the holy things
– The Laws of offering something blemished
– Ordinances for offering
– Commandment of the Sabbath
– Commandment of Pesach
– Commandment of firstfruits
– Commandment of Shavuot
– Corners of the field commanded
– Commandment of Yom Teruah
– Commandment of Yom Kippur
– Commandment of Sukkot
– Service of the Menorah
– Laws of the showbread
– Story of he who blasphemed the Name of YHWH
– Eye for eye explained
– Haftarah – Laws for the priests of Tzadok