Our Golden Calf
For Parashat Ki Tisa
By Messianic Torah 3-10-2012

Ki Tisa (Ex 30:11-34:35 Haftarah 1Kings 18:1-39) is the 9th parashat in the book of Shemot also called Exodus, and is called Ki Tisa which means ‘When You Take’. In this week’s parashat:

– When you number Yisra’el all men shall give a half shekel for the service of the tabernacle
– You shall make a laver of copper for the priests to wash when entering the tabernacle or approaching the altar
– Command to make the anointing oil and anoint the tabernacle, furniture, and priests
– Command to make the incense for the altar of incense and not to copy it for other uses
– YHWH put His spirit on Betzal’el and Oholiav to make all the furnishings of the tabernacle
– YHWH tells Moshe to tell the children of Yisra’el the sabbaths are a sign between Him and them
– YHWH gives Moshe the two tables of stone with the ten commandments on them
– With Moshe not back yet, the people asked Aharon to make them elohim and he made them a golden calf
– When Aharon saw the golden calf he built an altar before it and the people offered sacrifices to it
– YHWH told Moshe the people had made a golden calf and He wanted to destroy them
– Moshe prayed YHWH would not destroy His people
– Moshe came down and when he saw the golden calf and the people he broke the tables of stone
– Moshe burnt the golden calf to dust and mixed it with the water and made the people drink it
– Moshe asked Aharon why he brought such evil upon the people
– Moshe commanded the Levi’im to slay the people who were not on YHWH’s side
– Moshe returned to YHWH and offered himself for the sins of the people
– YHWH told Moshe to tell the people YHWH will not go among them and to take off their ornaments
– The tabernacle was outside the camp and the people stood by their doors and watched as Moshe went in
– Moshe asks to see the way of YHWH
– Moshe says if His presence is not with them they will not move
– YHWH tells Moshe He will show him His glory and proclaim His name
– YHWH tells Moshe He will hide him in the cleft of a rock when He passes by
– Moshe commanded to hew two tables of stone like the first and meet YHWH alone in the mount
– YHWH commands the children to drive out the people of the land and destroy their altars or they will be snared
– You shall keep the feast of unleavened bread in the month Aviv
– You shall redeem the firstborn males of men and beast
– Remember to rest on the seventh day
– Three times a year shall all males appear before YHWH
– You shall not offer the blood of His sacrifice with leaven not leave any of the passover until morning
– You shall bring the firstfruits to YHWH and not boil a kid in its mother’s milk
– Moshe spends forty days and nights without food or water with YHWH to receive the ten commandments
– When Moshe came down from the mount his face shone but he didn’t know it
– The people were afraid to talk to Moshe but he called them to him
– Moshe wore a veil when he spoke to the people but removed it when talking with YHWH