Remembering Yosef
For Parashat Miketz
By Messianic Torah 12-11-2013

Miketz ( Gen 41:1-44:17 Haftarah 1 Ki 3:15-4:1) is the 10th parashat in the book of B’reisheet also called Genesis, and is called Miketz which means ‘At the end’. In this week’s parashat:

– 2 years later Par’oh dreamed of 7 fat heifers coming out of a river and 7 lean ones that ate the 7 fat ones
– Par’oh had a 2nd dream 7 good heads of grain on one stalk and 7 bad ones came and ate the 7 good ones
– Par’oh called all his wise men but they couldn’t tell him what it meant
– Then the cupbearer remembered Yosef and Par’oh sent for Yosef to come to him from prison
– Par’oh said I heard you can interpret dreams and Yosef said not me but Elohim and Par’oh told him his 2 dreams
– Yosef told Par’oh the 2 dreams were one and that 7 good years are coming then 7 years of famine
– Yosef told Par’oh to appoint a man over Egypt to store up 20% of the grains from the 7 good years so they will have grain during the 7 bad years
– Par’oh put Yosef in charge and gave him great power in Egypt and gave him Asenat for a wife
– Yosef stored up the grain and had 2 sons before the famine one whose name was Menasheh and the 2nd was named Efrayim
– The famine came and all the people went to Yosef for Food
– Ya’akov sent all of his sons except Benyamin to Egypt to buy grain
– Yosef’s brothers came and bowed before him not knowing who he was and asking for grain but he dealt harsh with them
– Yosef accused them of being spies and threw them all in prison for 3 days saying they needed to bring their youngest brother back to Egypt
– Yosef told them to go take food to their family and leave one brother in prison until they return with their youngest brother
– Yosef commanded their sacks to be filled and their money put inside and when they found it on the way home they were afraid
– When they returned they told Ya’akov all that happened but he wouldn’t let them take Benyamin and return
– When they ran out of food they had to go again to Egypt so they took Benyamin, double money and gifts and went
– Yosef told his servants to prepare a meal and his brothers were brought into his house and they were afraid
– They told Yosef’s servant that they found their money again in their sacks and he told them not to worry
– When Yosef came his brothers still not knowing who he was bowed down and offered gifts to him
– Once Yosef saw his brother Benyamin he went to another room and cried then washed his face and returned to them
– Yosef set them in order at the table from oldest to youngest and gave Benyamin five times as much as the others
– Yosef commanded that their sacks be filled and their money put in the sacks and his cup put in the youngest’s sack
– Once they left to return home Yosef sent a servant to catch them and ask why they took his cup
– They said let him die and us be your servants if the cup be found among us and they searched and it was in Benyamin’s sack
– They returned to Yosef and bowed down saying what can we say Elohim has found out our lawlessness and Yosef said leave – Benyamin and go home
– Haftarah – Shlomo shows his wisdom by solving a dispute between two woman over a child