For Parashat Vayishlach
By Messianic Torah 12-10-2013

Vayishlach (Gen 32:4-36:43 Haftarah Hos 12:12-14:10) is the 8th parashat in the book of B’reisheet also called Genesis, and is called Vayishlach which means ‘And he sent’. In this week’s parashat:

– Ya’akov sends servants to tell Esav he is returning, they came back saying Esav is coming with 400 men
– Ya’akov was afraid of Esav and divided his camp into two bands
– Ya’akov prayed to YHWH to deliver him from Esav
– Ya’akov sent out herds and flocks with a servant to offer as a gift for Esav
– Ya’akov wrestled with an angel that night and won and the angel changed Ya’akov’s name to Yisra’el
– Ya’akov came over Peni’el and saw Esav and the 400 men with him
– Ya’akov divided the family and went before them bowing 7 times
– Esav ran and hugged Ya’akov and asked him who all these people are with him
– All Ya’akov’s family came and bowed and Ya’akov gave gifts to Esav and insisted he take them if he would receive his brother
– Esav offered to travel with Ya’akov but he asked him to go ahead and he would travel alone
– Ya’akov went to Sukkot and built a house and an altar there and called it El-Elohe-Yisra’el
– Shechem the prince took Dinah and lay with her against her will and asked his father the king to get her for his wife
– Chamor the king went to Ya’akov and asked if his son could marry Dinah and if his people could marry theirs
– Shechem asked Ya’akov what he wanted to marry Dinah and Ya’akov’s sons said they all needed to be circumcised first
– Chamor and Shechem told all their people to be circumcised and they could join with Ya’akov’s people
– On the 3rd day when the men were sore Shim’on and Levi slew all the men of Chamor
– Elohim told Ya’akov to go to Beit’el and build an altar there, so Ya’akov told his people to put away idols and be clean and they went
– Elohim spoke to Ya’akov in Beit’el and Ya’akov built an altar there and poured drink offerings and oil upon it
– On the way to Efrat Rachel had hard birth and died giving birth to Benyamin
– Rachel was buried in Efrat and Ya’akov set a pillar upon her grave
– Ya’akov came to Yitzchak and dwelt there and Yitzchak died at 180 years old
– The generations of Esav who is Edom
– Haftarah – Though Efrayim and Yahudah do wickedness He will again bring Efrayim back and Yisra’el shall fear and serve Him