Seeing War
For Parashat Beshalach
By Messianic Torah 1-26-2013

Beshelach (Ex 13:17-17:16 Haftarah Jdg 4:4-5:31) is the 4th parashat in the book of Shemot also called Exodus, and is called Beshelach which means ‘When He Sent’. In this week’s parashat:

– Elohim didn’t take Yisra’el straight to the land of the Peleshtim because if they saw war they may return to Mitzrayim
– YHWH went before them in a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night
– YHWH told Moshe to camp by the sea and Par’oh will come and attack them and he did
– When Par’oh came Yisra’el cried out to Moshe did you bring us out to kill us
– Moshe told Yisra’el to be still and see the salvation of YHWH
– YHWH told Moshe to tell the people to go forward and Moshe to lift up his rod over the sea
– YHWH went behind Yisra’el in a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night to separate them from the Mitzrayim
– A strong East wind divided the waters that night and Yisra’el went accross but Par’oh’s men followed them
– YHWH told Moshe to stretch out his hand over the sea and it came down on Par’oh’s men
– When Yisra’el saw the great work that YHWH did they feared and believed and sang the song of Moshe
– Miryam took a timbrel in her hand and danced with the women singing
– 3 days in they came to Marah and the people complained because the waters were too bitter to drink so Moshe made them sweet
– When they came to Elim all the people complained to Moshe because they were hungry
– YHWH told Moshe he would rain bread from heaven and test the people in how they gathered it
– YHWH brought quail at even and manna in the morning and everyone had as much as they wanted
– Moshe commanded them to take only what they needed for the day but some took extra and it spoiled
– Moshe told them to bake and boil what they needed on the 6th day so they would have what they needed for the sabbath
– Some people went out on the sabbath to gather but YHWH said keep my laws, I have given you double on the 6th day for sabbath
– YHWH commands Moshe and Aharon to fill a pot with an omer of manna for a memorial to future generations
– Yisra’el complained in Refidim because there was no water to drink
– YHWH told Moshe to strike the rock at Chorev and He will be there and bring water out of the rock
– Amalek made war with Yisra’el and When Moshe held up his arms they won and if not they would lose so they held up his arms
– Moshe built an altar and called it YHWH-Nissi because YHWH will have war with Amalek
– Haftarah – D’vorah and Ya’el fought for Yisra’el when many men wouldn’t and it was a shame to the men who wouldn’t