The Birth of Moshe
For Parashat Shemot
By Messianic Torah 1-1-2013

Shemot (Ex 1:1-61 Haftarah Jer 1:1-2:3) is the 1st parashat in the book of Shemot also called Exodus, and is called Shemot which means ‘Names’. In this week’s parashat:

– Yosef died and all his brothers and Yisra’el grew and filled the land
– A new King feared Yisra’el so he put burdens upon them but they kept growing
– The King told the Hebrew midwives to kill the male babies but they didn’t
– Par’oh asked the midwives why they didn’t kill the male babies
– Par’oh commanded all the people if they have a son they shall cast him into the river
– 2 levites had a child and made an ark for him and put him in the river
– Par’oh’s daughter found him and took him for a son to her and called his name Moshe
– When Moshe was grown he saw a Mitzrayim smite a Hebrew and he slew him
– Moshe saw 2 Hebrews fighting and when he asked why they said who made you judge over us
– When Par’oh heard about the Mitzrayim he wanted to slay Moshe but he fled to Midyan
– When the 7 daughters came to water their flocks some men drove them away but Moshe helped them
– Re’u’el gave Moshe Tzipporah his daughter to marry and she bore him Gershom
– It came to pass the king died and Elohim heard the cry of Yisra’el
– The angel of YHWH appeared to Moshe in a fiery bush
– YHWH tells Moshe He has come to deliver Yisra’el from Mitzrayim and He will send Moshe to Par’oh
– Moshe said they will not believe me and they will ask your name
– Moshe is told to tell the elders YHWH promises to bring them out of Mitzrayim and give them the promised land
– YHWH gave him a sign to show and told him to cast his rod to the ground and it became a serpent
– YHWH told him to put his hand in his bosom and it became leprous
– YHWH said if they don’t believe the first 2 signs pour water of the river on the ground and it will become blood
– Moshe complained he wasn’t a good speaker and YHWH said Aharon shall speak for you
– Moshe told Yitro he was going to return to Mitzrayim
– It came to pass YHWH was going to kill Moshe but tzipporah circumcised his son so He didn’t
– Moshe met Aharon and they went to tell the people and show the signs
– Then they went to Par’oh and told him to let Yisra’el go
– Par’oh made them start to gether their own straw to make bricks
– The children of Yisra’el asked Par’oh why they must now also gather their own straw
– The people were angry with Moshe and Aharon so Moshe prayed to YHWH
– Haftarah – The sending of a prophet to Yahudah and the remembering of the time in the wilderness