The End of Moshe
For Parashat Vayelech
By Messianic Torah 9-22-2012

Vayelech (Deu 31:1-30 Haftarah Isa 55:6-56:8) is the 9th parashat in the book of Devarim also called Deuteronomy, and is called Vayelech which means ‘And he went’. In this week’s parashat:
– Moshe tells the people he is 120 years old and he cannot go out or come in anymore
– YHWH and Yahushua son of Nun shall go before you
– YHWH will do to the people before you what He did to Sichon and Og
– Be strong and of good courage for He will not forsake you
– Moshe tells Yahushua before all the people to be strong and of good courage
– Moshe writes the law and gives it to the Levi’im to put in the ark
– Command to read the law every 7th Sukkot to all the people
– Gather the people together to hear the law so they may learn to fear YHWH
– YHWH tells Moshe to bring Yahushua and himself to the tabernacle to receive his charge
– Prophecy of Yisra’el going after other elohim once Moshe dies
– Moshe commanded to write his song to witness against them in the future
– Moshe declares to the people how rebellious they have been, and will be after his death
– Haftarah – The mercy of YHWH and the stranger allowed into Yisra’el