The Sins of the World
For Parashot Acharei Mot / Kedoshim
By Messianic Torah 5-5-2013
Acharei Mot / Kedoshim (Lev 16:1-20:27 Haftarah Eze 20:2-20) are the 6th and 7th parashot in the book of Vayikra also called Leviticus, and are called Acharei Mot which means ‘After the Death’ and Kedoshim which means ‘Holy Ones’. In this week’s parashot:

– YHWH tells Moshe to tell Aharon not to come into the holy place at any time
– Aharon shall bathe himself and put on the holy garments
– Aharon shall take a bullock for himself and a ram for a burnt offering and bring 2 goats to the door of the tabernacle
– Aharon shall cast lots upon the two goats
– Aharon shall bring the goat that YHWH’s lot fell on for a sin offering
– The other goat shall be the scapegoat
– Aharon shall bring the bullock for himself and kill it for a sin offering
– Aharon shall burn incense upon the altar of incense to cover the mercy seat
– Aharon shall sprinkle the blood of the sin offering for himself and the people before the mercy seat seven times
– Aharon shall put the blood of the sin offering upon the horns of the altar and sprinkle it seven times
– Aharon shall put his hands upon the scapegoat and confess the sins of Yisra’el and send him into the wilderness
– Aharon shall put off the holy garments and put on his garments and offer the burnt offering
– The fat of the sin offering shall be burnt upon the altar
– The person who let the scapegoat go shall wash his clothes, bathe himself, and come inside the camp
– On the 10th day of the seventh month shall be the day of attonement, you shall do no work
– If Yisra’el offers sacrifices to devils they shall be cut off from their people
– Yisra’el shall not eat blood because the blood belongs to YHWH and it atones for our souls
– Anybody who eats something that died of itself or was torn by beasts shall wash his clothes bathe himself and be unclean until even
– You shall not do the ways of the Kena’anim that possesed the land before you
– You shall not uncover the nakedness of your near kin
– You shall not approach a woman to uncover her nakedness during her time of separation
– You shall not lie with your neighbor’s wife
– You shall not let your seed pass through the fire to Molech
– You shall not lie with mankind as womankind
– You shall not lie with any beast
– You shall not do the wicked things that the nations do
– You shall be holy because YHWH is holy
– Honor your father and mother
– You shall have no idols
– Laws of the peace offering
– Laws of gleaning
– You shall not steal or lie
– Laws of a hired servant
– Laws of the deaf and Blind
– Laws judgement
– You shall not be a talebearer
– You shall not hate your neighbor but love him as yourself
– Laws of mixing
– Laws of the betrothed bondmaid
– Laws of the fruit trees
– You shall not eat blood or observe times
– Laws of the beard
– Laws of the flesh
– Laws of prostitution
– You shall keep His sabbaths and reverance His sanctuary
– Laws of wizards
– Laws of the hoary head
– Laws of the stranger
– You shall have just weights and measures
– Punishments for worshipping Molech
– Punishments for going after familiar spirits and wizards
– Sanctify yourself and keep His commandments
– Death penalty sins
– Sins that get you cut off from your people
– Sins that will leave you childless
– You shall not do any of the things that nations before you did that were cast out
– You shall eat kosher
– The man or woman that familiar spirits or wizards shall be put to death
– Haftarah – YHWH preserves a remnant of Yisra’el that would obey him and put away idols