Know What is Before You
For Parashat Re’eh
By Messianic Torah 8-18-2012

Re’eh (Deu 11:26-16:17 Haftarah Is 54:11-55:5) is the 4th parashat in the book of Devarim also called Deuteronomy, and is called Re’eh which means ‘Behold’. In this week’s parashat:

– The commandments are a blessing if you keep them and a cursing if you don’t
– Yisra’el is to give a blessing on Mount Gerizim and cursing on Mount Eval when they pass over Yarden
– You shall utterly destroy all the idolatry in the land
– When you come into the land you shall bring all your offerings to the place YHWH chooses
– You may not offer or eat of your tithes in any other place than where YHWH tells you
– Don’t forsake the Levi’im
– If the place Elohim shall put His name is too far for you then you shall eat your increase in your gates
– You shall not eat blood because it i s the life of the flesh
– You shall offer you offerings on YHWH’s altar pouring out the blood on it and eating the flesh
– You shall not worship YHWH as others worship their elohim
– Even if a prophet does signs and wonders if he tells you to worship other elohim he shall be put to death
– If your family or friend asks you to worship other elohim your hand shall be first to stone them
– If men draw out the people of a city to worship another elohim you shall smite them all
– You shall burn the city and all the spoil in a heap in the midst of it
– You shall not cut yourself nor make baldness between your eyes for the dead because you are holy people
– You may eat the beasts that divide the hoof and chew the cud
– You may not eat the camel, hare, coney, or pig or touch their dead carcase
– You may eat sea creatures that have fins and scales
– You may not eat any unclean birds: eagles, hawks, raven, owls, or vultures
– Every creeping thing that flies is unclean
– You shall not eat that which dies of itself but you may give it to the stranger in your gates
– If the place YHWH shall choose is too far for you to carry your tithe, you shall turn it into money and go there
– Every third year you shall give of your tithe to the Levi, stranger, widow, and fatherless in your gates
– Every seventh year is a year of release of debts called a Shemittah
– You may keep the debt of a foreigner but not your brothers unless there is no poor among you
– Yisra’el shall lend to many nations but they shall not borrow
– If there is any poor among you, you shall surely open your hand wide to them
– If a Hebrew man or woman serves you 6 years you shall set them free with increase in the 7th year
– If a manservant or maidservant won’t leave, you shall bore their ear to the doorpost and they shall serve you forever
– You shall set apart all the firstlings of your herd and flock and eat them before YHWH
– You shall not offer the lame, blind, or blemished but shall eat them in your gates
– Observe the month of Aviv and keep Pesach and the Feast of Unleavened Bread
– You shall keep the Feast of Weeks and give a freewill offering to YHWH
– You shall keep the Feast of Tabernacles and rejoice before YHWH in all the He has blessed you
– Three times a year shall all males apear before YHWH: Pesach, Shavuot, and Sukkot
– Haftarah – Yisra’el shall prosper above all nations