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For Parashat Shelach
By Messianic Torah 6-1-2013

Shelach (Num 13:1-15:41 Haftarah Jos 2:1-24) is the 4th parashat of the book of Bamidbar also called Numbers, and is called Shelach which means ‘Send You’. In this week’s parashat:

– Moshe commanded to send princes of the tribes to search out Kena’an
– Moshe tells the spies what to look for in Kena’an
– The spies went to Eshkol and took grapes, pomegranates, and figs to bring back
– The spies brought back fruit and said the land is good but the people are strong who live there
– Kalev tells the people they should go in and posses it
– Some princes said the land eats the inhabitants and the giants are too strong
– The people murmered and wanted to return to Egypt
– Moshe and Aharon prayed and Yahushua and Kalev rent their clothes
– Yahushua and Kalev told the people not to rebel but they wanted to stone them
– YHWH tells Moshe He will destroy Yisra’el and make a nation from him
– Moshe pleads for YHWH not to destroy Yisra’el
– YHWH pardons them but says only Kalev and Yahushua shall go into the promised land
– YHWH tells them they will wander and die in the wilderness for 40 years but their children shall go in
– The men who brought back the evil report died by a plague
– The people mourned and then wanted to go in and Moshe warned them not to
– The people went and were destroyed by the Ameleki and Kena’ani
– The minkha and the drink offering of the lamb is taught
– The minkha and the drink offering of the ram is taught
– The minkha and the drink offering of the bullock is taught
– One law shall be for you and the stranger who sojourns with you
– When you come into the land you shall offer a heave offering of the first dough
– The offering of the sins of ignorance for the congregation is taught
– The offering of the person who sins through ignorance is taught
– The soul who sins presumptuously shall be cut off from his people
– The children of Yisra’el found a man gathering wood on the sabbath and they stoned him
– The command to make and wear tzi tzit is given
– Haftarah – Rachav saves the 2 spies sent to spy out the land and her whole family is spared