What Do I Stand For?
For Parashat Nitzavim
By Messianic Torah 9-24-2011

Nitzavim (Deu 29:10-30:20 Haftarah Is 61:10-63:9) is the 8th parashat in the book of Devarim also called Deuteronomy, and is called Nitzavim which means ‘Standing’. In this week’s parashat:
– Covenant is established with all the people
– The covenant is not just with them but with others also who are not there
– Warning against idolatry
– Secret things belong to YHWH but those revealed belong to us and our children
– Prophecy of the return of scattered Yisra’el from captivity
– YHWH will circumcise their hearts and the hearts of their children
– YHWH will put curses upon those who hated you
– Prophecy of a return to Torah
– YHWH will rejoice and bless you for returning to Torah
– Returning to Torah is not hard to do
– Command to love God, walk in His ways, and keep His Torah
– Punishment for turning to other gods
– The choice is yours
– Moshe shall not go before you anymore
– YHWH and Yahushua son of Nun shall go before you
– Moshe writes the law and gives it to the Levi to put in the ark
– Command to read the whole Torah every 7th Sukkot to all the people
– Moshe brings Yahushua to receive his charge from YHWH
– Prophecy of Yisra’el going after other gods once Moshe dies
– Moshe commanded to write his song to witness against them in the future
– Moshe declares to the people how rebellious they have been
– Haftarah description of Tziyon the bride