When You Come Into the Land
For Parashot Behar / Bechukotai
By Messianic Torah 5-8-2013

Behar/Bechukotai (Lev 25:1-27:34 Haftarah Jer 16:19-17:14) is the 9th and 10th parashot in the book of Vayikra also called Leviticus, and are called Behar which means ‘On Mount’ and Bechukotai which means ‘In my Statutes’. In this week’s parashot:

– The laws of the land sabbath are given
– Every 50th year shall be a Yovale
– Pricing of goods shall be according to the years left until the yovale
– Triple fruit will be given in the 6th year
– The laws of land redemption are given
– The Yovale laws for real estate are given
– Laws of the poor who owe you
– Laws of brothers being sold unto you for poverty
– Redemption laws for brothers
– You shall not make or have any idols
– You shall keep the sabbaths and reverence His sanctuary
– The blessings if you keep His commandments
– The curses for breaking His commandments
– If Yisra’el shall confess and accept their punishment YHWH will remember His covenant
– The law of estimation for vows is given
– The redemption law for beasts is given
– The redemption law for houses is given
– The laws of sanctifying and redeeming fields to YHWH
– The laws of devoted things
– The laws of tithes and redemption of tithes
– Haftarah – The punishments for forsaking YHWH and the blessings for trusting in Him