Yet We Hearken Not Unto Him
For Parasha Tzav
By Messianic Torah 3-31-2012

Tzav (Lev 6:8-8:36 Haftarah Jer 7:21-8:3;9:23-24) is the 2nd parashat in the book of Vayikra also called Leviticus, and is called Tzav which means ‘Command’. In this week’s parashat:

– The law of the burnt offering is given
– The priest shall put wood on the altar evening and morning for fire, it shall not go out
– The law of the minkha (grain offering) is given, it shall be Aharon’s and his sons forever
– The minkha offering of Aharon and his sons day and night is commanded
– The laws concerning the sin offering is given
– The laws concerning the trespass offering is given
– The laws concerning the peace offering is given
– Any unclean person who eats of the peace offering shall be cut off
– You shall not eat the fat of a beast
– You shall not eat any blood
– The person who offers a peace offering must bring it to YHWH
– The fat of the offering shall be burned and the breast shall be Aharon’s and his sons
– The right shoulder shall be a heave offering and it shall be the priests who offered it
– The laws of the burnt offering, minkha, consecration, sin, tresspass, peace offering are given and the priests portions declared
– Moshe brought Aharon and his sons with their offerings and all the people to the door of the tabernacle
– Moshe clothed Aharon in the priestly garments
– Moshe annointed the tabernacle and all therein
– Moshe annointed Aharon
– Moshe clothed Aharon’s sons in the priestly garments
– Aharon and his sons killed the sin offering
– Moshe took the blood and sanctified the altar
– Aharon and his sons killed the ram for the burnt offering
– Moshe sprinkled it upon the altar and offered it to YHWH
– Aharon and his sons killed the ram of the consecration
– Moshe put the blood on the right ear, right thumb, and right big toe of Aharon and his sons
– Moshe took an unleavened cake, an oiled cake, and a wafer with the shoulder and put them in the priests hands to be waved
– Then Moshe took them from the priests and burnt them on the altar
– Moshe took the breast of the ram of consecration and waved it before YHWH it was his portion
– Moshe sprinkled Aharon and his sons with the annointing oil and blood from the altar and told them to stay at the door 7 days
– Haftarah – YHWH wants obediance from His people and they will not be made right by sacrifice if they are still sinning